1- What is HighFive Sports & Entertianment?

High Five Sports & Entertainment is company established to get you in to most popular events! We provide tickets, hospitality packages, VIP options for events all around the world.

2- How does High Five provide these products?

Via our global network of official sales agents, promoter, organizations companies and alike.

3- Why the price you charge is different than the price on the ticket?

Tickets and other products we offer you are stocked by our suppliers well ahead of time and the price for these products change according to demand and supply worldwide. An event who is popular and demanded would have a higher price than face value whereas there will be occasions where the price we charge will be less than the price on the ticket as the demand for that event is low

4- Why the price for the same tickets I bought from you before is different now?

As mentioned above prices change according to demand. Prices will fluctuate more often as the event date gets closer.

5- What are ticket categories? Can I learn the exact row and seat of the ticket I purchased?

For each event on our website, you will find a categorized seating chart. Once you buy a ticket in a certain category your seat will be in the area categorized in the map.

As most of our suppliers get their allocations and decide on the distribution of their stock close to event date we cannot tell you where exactly you will sit. However once you receive your tickets, you will see the exact row and seat number.

6- Tickets I bought came as season cards, what should I do?

In some events and especially for football games in UK, tickets come as season cards. When we supply you with season cards it comes with a return envelope. After attending the event you need to return the season cards in the return envelope and leave it in your hotel for our suppliers to collect back. All season cards needs to be returned as our suppliers will use them again for other games.

7- The name on the tickets is different my name, is this a problem?

No it will not be. We will not provide you with any ticket where entry would be a problem.

8- Why are you only delivering at the city event takes place in?

There are 2 reasons to it. First of all local hotel delivery is the cheapest option. Secondly most of our suppliers deliver the tickets to a local address at the city of the event so we need abide by their rules.

However in some cases we may be able to ship the tickets to you. If you want your tickets shipped, please inform us of your request and if it is possible to ship the tickets we will communicate the necessary information with you.

9- How are you delivering the tickets at the city the event takes place in ?

We deliver to hotels and residential addresses where there is a doorman or a concierge. We deliver the tickets in our envelopes and get a signed document from the person who took it.

If you do not have a hotel address or a residential address with a doorman or a concierge, we will talk with you and arrange the delivery of tickets.

10- I do not know the address I am staying yet, what should I do?

You need to send us a delivery address no later than 5 days before the event date. You can call or email us to give the information.

11- Why are you asking for my cell phone when I am buying tickets?

We often face situations where the couriers cannot find the address or the reservation in the hotel is different than the name given to us by you. Also in some cases events can be canceled, postponed or their date and time may change. We request your cell phone number to communicate these with you quickly.

12- What is ticket guarantee?

Ticket guarantee is a type of guarantee where most of the companies in our industry would not give and is special to High Five Sports & Entertainment and is valid for every ticket purchased from our website. No matter what the situation, we do not refund or downgrade the tickets you purchased. You always get the tickets you ordered.

13- Will we be able to sit together if we book more than 1 ticket?

All the tickets we sell on the website are guaranteed in pairs. For example if you book 3 tickets your tickets are guaranteed in one pair and a single. If you book 4 tickets you are guaranteed to get two pairs. However we always try to put as many together as possible

While making a purchase if you would like to sit all together you need to inform us of your request and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Keep in mind that these type of requests may lead to a price change.

14- You are offering full travel packages as well. Are you a travel agent?

High Five Sports & Entertainment is no a travel agency. We do not construct packages on our own. We only promote and sell packages by our partners.

15- Why can’t I buy the packages directly from the website?

As mentioned above, these packages are constructed by our travel partners and the availability changes frequently and we need to check for availability before confirming these packages to you. That’s why the full packages on the website is sold on request basis.

16- Can you prepare a tailor made package for my group?

Of course. Just send us a request and we will contact you to discuss further and create package that suits your needs.

17- How can I pay for tickets?

If you are buying from the website you can pay by your Master Card or Visa. If you are buying offline you can pay by Master Card or Visa by filling out our mail order form or pay by bank transfer.

18- Is it secure to give you my credit card information?

It is. Our website is protected by Rapid SSL 128 bite coding system which is recognized globally.

19- What are your refund and cancellation policies

All sales are final. In the case where an event is canceled or postponed we will act according to organizers decision.