A. Parties

1- This contract (‘’User Contract’’) is an agreement drafted between Manevra Turizm Yon. Dan. Org. ve Tic. Ltd. Şti. (HighFive) and the ‘’User’’ for the ‘’User’’ to be a member on the website and is drafted with the permission of the ‘’User’’ at the time of membership

2- ‘’User’’, by being a member on the website, accepts that he read, understood and fully accepts the ‘’User Contract’’

B. Definitions

HighFive: a brand of Manevra Turizm Yon. Dan. Org. ve Tic. Ltd. Şti.

User: Real person, who is a member of the website and buys the services and products from the website in accordance within the conditions established on the website

Website: Main website and all the sub sites connected to the main website.

Product: Tickets, electronic tickets, season cards and similar products for events that are established by the main promoter of the website and that is marketed and sold on

Events: All sports events, sports tournaments, concerts, festivals and a like.

C. Content of the Contract

1- The content of the User Contract is to define the roles of the parties involed in selling and buying the products advertised on the website.

2- By accepting this contract, User declares to abide by all the terms and conditions shown in writing on the website.

D. Terms of Membership

1- Membership to the website is completed after the real person who wish to be a member sends/fills out the requested information on the appropriate section of the website and receives a confirmation email from HighFive to his or her email address that he or she provided at the time of membership.

2- To be a member of the website and to purchase from the website the real person should be 18 years or older. By being a member of the website the real person accepts he is at least 18 years old

E. Bookings

1- User can buy products from the website by providing the necessary information asked at the booking page and by paying the full amount. If for some reason the payment does not go through or bank requests a charge back HighFive will not be responsible to provide the product.

2- HighFive can arbitrarily terminate the user contract before the full payment for the product is made by the user. Any partial payments made by the user shall be refunded in 15 (fifteen) business days.

3- User accepts that he or she is obliged to provide the information requested by HighFive when buying tickets truly and in full. HighFive will not be responsible for tickets not being delivered or admission being rejected because of the wrong information provided by the user

4- User accepts that he or she will provide the delivery information requested, including information about the person who will accept delivery, in full. User accepts that for any hotel addresses, reservation names he or she provides when buying the tickets is correct. HighFive is not responsible if a delivery is attempted and failed because of incorrect information provided by the User.

5- In case of the product bought from the website is unavailable, HighFive will immediately inform the user via the email address provided when being a member. In such case all payments made by the user will be refunded in full in the next 7 (seven) business days. HighFive is not responsible for any additional bank charges that may occur

F. Payments

1- Payments will be done by virtual credit card charging system(VPOS) constructed by Turkiye İs Bankasi that is embedded in the website

2- All VPOS transactions are between the user and Turkiye Is Bankasi. HighFive is not responsible for any problems that may occur because of the VPOS.

G. Delivery

1- HighFive accepts, as written in the contract, to deliver the tickets with the terms and conditions clearly written on the website.

2- All shipping costs are covered by HighFive

3- HighFive is responsible to attempt delivery to the person for which the user submitted delivery information for, at least 24 hours before the event time.

4- If the tickets by the user is in electronic ticket format, HighFive will send these electronic tickets to the email address provided by the user at the time of purchase. It is the users responsibility to print those tickets and take them with him or her to the event

5- HighFive is not responsible for any failed delivery attempts that occur due to misinformation given by the user at the time of purchase

H. General Terms

1- Users cannot transfer their rights, stated in the user contract, to third parties without the written consent of HighFive

2- User accepts responsibility to make all the necessary travel arrangements and payments to attend the event for which the user has bought the tickets for

3- User accepts hereby that HighFive is not responsible to issue any refunds in the case for which the tickets user has bought is not being able to be used by a third party.

4- If an event for which the user has bought tickets for from the website is postponed and promoter of the event declares that tickets will be valid for the rescheduled date, HighFive is not responsible to make any cancellations or issue any refunds

5- If an event for which the user has bought tickets for from the website, is canceled before the event starts and promoters announce there will not be new date for the event, HighFive will refund the face value of the ticket in the next 7 (seven) business days after receiving a written request from the user.

6- If tickets bought from the website is provided as season cards, user accepts that he needs to return these season cards as instructed by HighFive. User accepts that if he or she fails to return the season cards, he or she will cover and pay all the costs resulting due to the loss of the season cards.

I. Coercive Causes

1- Causes that were not president at the time of this contract and that are not foreseeable which makes it impossible for one or both parties involved in the contracts to fulfill their responsibilities and their debt partially or in full such as (natural disasters, terrorist attacks, wars, military coup, lock out, strike etc) will be deemed as coercive causes. The party involved in the coercive cause shall inform the other in writing. In the continued state of the coercive cause, parties will not be involved in fulfilling their part of the contract. If the coercive cause continues for more than 10 (ten days) one or both of parties have the right to arbitrarily cancel the contract

J. Privacy Policy

1- HighFive cannot share the personal information provided by the user with any third parties or organizations without the written concert of the user unless this information is requested for the promoter of the event and/or is needed for user to attend the event.

K. Changes in the contract

1- HighFive, if it is deemed necessary, can arbitrarily change the content of this contract by declaring it on the website. The changed contents of the contract will be valid after the day it was declared on the website. All other unchanged contents of the contract will still be valid. User contract cannot be changed by the User

L. Relevant Law and Dispute Resolution

1- For all the enforcement, interpretation and for any required enforcement Turkish Law will be taken as base. For any disputes resulting due to this contract Istanbul courts and enforecement offices are responsible. All records of HighFive can be used as evidence.